Sunflower DPC can now bill insurance for vaccines (and still has great prices for members who are uninsured)!


Save Time and Money in the New Year!

Sat, Dec 23, 2023

Save Money and Time With Value-Added Sunflower DPC Services, and Other Money-Saving Updates

10 Things Your Doctor Really Does Want You to Know!

Tue, Jan 31, 2023

When I see these “things your doctor doesn’t want to know,” I know it’s either something your doctor DOES want you to know, or something that is nonsense. Our world revolves around catchy headlines!

Here are 10 things your doctor DOES want you to know based on frequently asked questions at Sunflower DPC in 2022.

COVID and Flu and Monkeypox (vaccines), oh my!

Fri, Oct 21, 2022

What Used to Keep Me Up at Night

Sat, Sep 17, 2022

Back in 2015 I was dreaming of opening a practice that would change the way I care for patients. That is, when I wasn’t waking up in a panic, terrified I had done something wrong at work.

COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Updates

Wed, Mar 30, 2022

Current FDA authorized treatments are listed in order of preference (effectiveness) below. We have all 3 treatment options in-house. Treatments are available to individuals who do not require hospitalization, have tested positive, and have any high risk conditions including being over 65 years of age, overweight, or regular tobacco use.

Full Service Family Medicine

Tue, Sep 07, 2021

One of many things I LOVE about family medicine is being able to meet my patients’ needs and that is enhanced in DPC because I don’t have to worry about getting paid by insurance. Now my first instinct can be “do I have the time to address this concern in a quality way?” instead of “will I get paid for doing this or do I need to have them come back next week so I can bill for this extra service?” Two people in the last week have really emphasized why I wanted to open a DPC practice and provide care to patients in this more personalized way.

Open for Business!

Mon, Jul 19, 2021

It’s hard to believe this is finally happening! Not happening, this has HAPPENED! Sunflower Direct Primary Care (DPC), the first DPC in our area (I think within at least 30 miles??) is OPEN and taking new patients! Here’s the brief history:

Why am I still wearing my mask?

Sat, May 08, 2021

Someone asked me recently: “if you’re fully vaccinated \[and I am\] then why do you still wear your mask?”