Sunflower DPC can provide COVID-19 vaccine at this time at NO COST for those with or without insurance! We can also bill insurance for other vaccines!

What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of care where for a low monthly fee patients can enjoy high-quality and lower-cost healthcare without surprise per-visit fees. For many with no health insurance coverage or high deductibles, having this kind of access to a primary care provider without copays makes it easier to decide to see the doctor when needed. No need to avoid care because you fear the cost.

DPC is also great for people with insurance! All patients can enjoy more convenient medical visits where your doctor gets to know you, your health, and your history by spending more time with you at visits. DPC also pairs especially well with healthcare sharing (“health-share”) plans, who often cover monthly membership fees!

Although Sunflower DPC does not bill insurance, it’s still good to have it for large/unexpected expenses.

At Sunflower DPC, our goal is to make it more affordable, simpler, and more enjoyable to go to the doctor and for you to feel listened to and unrushed.

If you are an employer interested in offering this service to your employees please click here.

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