Sunflower DPC can provide COVID-19 vaccine at this time at NO COST for those with or without insurance! We can also bill insurance for other vaccines!

Affordable and Personalized Primary Care. No Insurance Needed.

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If you are someone who has avoided going to the doctor due fears of cost, privacy, or other reasons Sunflower DPC is for you!
For one monthly fee you can get advice from Dr. Guthrie, your Family Physician, as often as you need.

"I decided to try Dr. Guthrie because I was unhappy with my previous primary care physicians... I truly felt like a number and found myself dreading the next visit. Seeing Dr. Guthrie was the polar opposite of that experience. She really listens to what I have to say. And she genuinely cares about my health - I feel I finally have a real advocate for my physical well-being." -DC, 52 year old male patient

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Although Sunflower DPC does not bill insurance, it’s still good to have it for when you need it for larger expenses. 

What is different about Sunflower Direct Primary Care?

Our current medical system is broken. If you don’t have insurance healthcare is too expensive, so you don’t go to the doctor until it’s an emergency. Skipping out on medical care when you need it can have long term consequences!

At Sunflower Direct Primary Care (SDPC) patients receive healthcare for a monthly fee, probably for less than you pay for your cellphone. Think of it as a gym membership to your doctor! You pay one fee and there’s no extra charge just to walk in the door.

Stop avoiding seeking care when needed. Sunflower DPC is affordable, convenient, and you have direct access to your Family Physician, Dr. Guthrie.

More Time With Your Doctor

No rush. Take as long as you need.

Low Cost, Transparent Pricing

No mystery charges or fees. Cancel any time.

Enhanced Access & Privacy

Have a meaningful partnership with your trusted family physician.

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Monthly Pricing

Birth–17 years (with parent)


$495 annually

Birth–39 years


$605 annually

40–59 years


$715 annually



$935 annually

Over 100


$11 annually

**Discounts for Full-Time Adult Students, Child with Parent, or One Month Free for Annual Payment!**
What's included in membership? Become a Patient!

Monthly fee covers primary care visits (in person or video) and calls/messaging with Dr. Guthrie. Small additional fees for labs and procedures help us keep your monthly costs low. For annual payment get one month free.