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Lessons Learned, Wisdom Shared

Tue, Mar 26, 2024

Listen to Dr. Guthrie on the Lessons Learned Wisdom Shared Podcast!

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In this episode Dr Thomas White talks with Dr Shauna Guthrie, a Family Physician in Henderson NC and former President of the NCAFP. You will love hearing about her very famous grandfather and dedicated grandmother, and their contributions to medicine and health care in the Midwest. You will be reminded of the critical role we as Family Physicians play in the advocacy issues of the day, and the importance of forming relationships with local elected officials and other decision makers. You will be inspired by her commitment to her community, particularly during the pandemic, and as we continue to battle the opioid crisis. And you will be motivated to emulate her philosophy of “walking alongside of the patient” and serving as their trusted “consultant.” Enjoy, and benefit!