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Why am I still wearing my mask?

Sat, May 08, 2021

Someone asked me recently: “if you’re fully vaccinated \[and I am\] then why do you still wear your mask?”

This should not be political but sadly it is. It is also your HEALTH and your LIFE and the well-being of the people around you. In medicine and in life many things come down to risk versus benefit. At this time the risks of wearing a mask (feeling uncomfortable, chapped lips) are far less than the benefit (helping prevent catching or spreading COVID, also a bit of pollen protection!). COVID rates in our community are still very high (over 200 per 100,000 people over the past 2 weeks) so I’m more likely than not to be exposed at some point. The vaccine is VERY SAFE and VERY EFFECTIVE but not 100% (but over 90%). I don’t want to catch it and I especially don’t want to pass it on to someone else (vaccinated or not).

The vaccine is one (very important, free, low risk) tool on our toolbox. So are staying 6ft away from others, washing our hands (and not touching our eyes), wearing our 2+ layer face coverings without vents/holes over our nose AND mouth, and sticking to well ventilated areas when around others. As rates decrease and more individuals are vaccinated I’ll feel safe letting up but for now, why risk it?