Sunflower DPC can now bill insurance for vaccines (and still has great prices for members who are uninsured)!

COVID and Flu and Monkeypox (vaccines), oh my!

Fri, Oct 21, 2022

COVID and Flu and Monkeypox (vaccines), oh my!

I’m so excited that Sunflower DPC’s shipment of the newest COVID-19 booster has arrived!

I’m not into scare tactics, but I am into the truth. It is heartbreaking to see someone really sick in the hospital with influenza or COVID-19.  It is truly awful to see a family suffer when a loved one has died of a preventable disease.  One thing the vast majority have had in common is they were not vaccinated.

Please, for you, for your family, for your community - get vaccinated. 

I won’t pretend any vaccine is 100% and I won’t pretend there aren’t side effects. But for the vast vast vast majority of people, if you get vaccinated and still catch something, your illness will be much milder and well worth some minor discomfort you may feel a day or two after you get the vaccine. As the weather cools down and the holidays approach I recommend you schedule your vaccines NOW, before the fall festivals, family gatherings, and sports events you’ve been looking forward to all year! Schedule COVID-19 or Influenza Vaccines Here

Ready for your COVID-19 Fall Booster?
Now with extra BA.4/5 protection!

Make sure…
…your last COVID-19 Vaccine was at least 2 months ago
…you have not had COVID-19 in the past 10 days
…you’re over age 12 for Pfizer
…you’re over age 18 for Moderna

How do you get it? (Note: There’s NO CHARGE TO YOU, but if you have insurance please bring your card.)

At Sunflower DPC (if you are over 18 years) you can book easily online here

At Granville or Vance County Health Departments (age 12 and up) you can walk-in 8:30am-4:430pm M-F OR Most pharmacies also have it available.

**SDPC also has initial series Moderna vaccines for those over age 12 if you haven’t gotten your primary series yet!

Influenza Vaccine

All signs point to this flu season coming early in high amounts so please consider making sure you and your family are protected.

Influenza vaccines (flu shots) are available at Sunflower DPC for $20 this year (a great deal!) for members.  Non-members would also pay an administration fee of $10.

If cost is a barrier don’t let that stop you! Discounts are available for those who qualify.

Have insurance? You likely may receive vaccine with NO COPAY at local pharmacies or your local health department!

Worried about Monkeypox?

Anyone can get it, but the risk to the general public is low.
Look out for anyone with a new rash without explanation, especially one that looks like the pictures on the CDC website.

Don’t touch any rashes or fluid draining from rashes.

The good news is “close contact” for Monkeypox is within 6 feet for 6 hours so respiratory spread is minimal!

Click here for most up-to date information on the numbers, symptoms, and vaccine requirements.

Granville Vance Public Health provides vaccines to those who qualify by appointment only.