Sunflower DPC can now bill insurance for vaccines (and still has great prices for members who are uninsured)!

COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Updates

Wed, Mar 30, 2022

Current FDA authorized treatments are listed in order of preference (effectiveness) below. We have all 3 treatment options in-house. Treatments are available to individuals who do not require hospitalization, have tested positive, and have any high risk conditions including being over 65 years of age, overweight, or regular tobacco use.

  1. Paxlovid (antiviral pill): has some medication interactions so if you are on medications for chronic disease you’ll want to make sure your medical provider checks for interactions. Must be started within 5 days of symptoms starting. Available for those 12 years and older and over 88 lbs.
  2. Molnupiravir (antiviral pill): very safe, similar to Tamiflu but for COVID-19. No significant medication interactions. Must be started within 5 days of symptoms starting. Available for those over age 18 and over 88 lbs.
  3. Bebtelovimab(Monoclonal antibody infusion): this is a quick IV administration and is intended only for those who cannot receive any of the other options. Must be administered within 7 days of symptom onset. This is only to be used if other options are not available as other options are more effective. Available for those over age 12 and over 88 lbs.

Please see your own primary care for a prescription or for a visit at Sunflower DPC you can click HERE to register as a patient, then schedule an Office Visit or Televisit. We can dispense both Molnupiravir and Paxlovid (antiviral pills for COVID-19) on-site. The cost for a visit is $100 (includes medication) and testing is $36 if needed. If, during the visit, we determine that Bebtelovimab is the most appropriate treatment for you, the office visit fee will count toward your treatment cost of $350 for administration.

Please note that Sunflower DPC does NOT bill insurance and accepts direct payment from patients only. If you have insurance coverage (and are not a SDPC member patient) it may make more sense financially to seek other local providers who accept your insurance. Unfortunately, we no longer have grant funds to assist those who are uninsured.