Immunization (Moderna only), testing, and treatment appointments for COVID-19 are available at Sunflower DPC!

COVID-19 Treatments Are Availble

Thu, Feb 10, 2022

Appointments For Moderna Vaccine, Rapid Testing, and Oral (pill) Treatments for COVID-19 are available at Sunflower DPC!

This post ended up much longer than anticipated, so here is…

The Short Version:

At this time federal regulations allow treatment of COVID-19 (with pills) only for those who meet ALL of the following 3 criteria:

  1. Meet NIH Risk Level Criteria (one of these)
    • high risk conditions and not up to date on vaccine OR
    • high risk conditions and over 65
    • OR over age 75
  2. Symptoms started within the past 5 days
  3. Mild to moderate symptoms (not hospitalized and no new or increased need for oxygen)

A medical evaluation will determine which treatments you may qualify for and help you decide what is best for you.

Please see your own primary care or for a visit at Sunflower DPC you can click HERE to register as a patient, then schedule an Office Visit or Televisit. We can dispense both Molnupiravir and Paxlovid (antiviral pills for COVID-19) on-site. The cost for a visit is $100 (includes medication) and testing is $36 if needed.

Please note that Sunflower DPC does NOT bill insurance and accepts direct payment from patients only. If you have insurance coverage (and are not a SDPC member patient) it may make more sense financially to seek other local providers who accept your insurance. We do have grant funds for the uninsured.

The long version:

Prevention is always preferred and we’re all familiar with the 3 W’s at this point. Since Omicron hit I recommend everyone mask around others outside their household, regardless of vaccination status. Yes, I might be extra risk averse because I am doing everything I can to do no harm. I spend LOADS of time with people at their DPC visits and want to keep everyone as safe as possible. Yes, it’s likely to be mild, but what if it’s not for you? You’ll probably be fine, but what about that elderly or chronically ill loved one? And we have good evidence now that masking protects YOU and those around you.

As of 1/31/2022 we have TWO fully FDA approved options! Both Moderna (Spikevax) and Pfizer (Comirnaty - which I just realized I’ve been spelling wrong for some number of months) vaccines are FDA approved. Part of their approval means they get to use their new fancy names for the same old thing we’ve been getting for over a year. True, the approval is currently only for adults and the Pfizer option is FDA authorized down to age 5 (soon to be lower, only delayed because the littles probably need a third dose to be effective, just like many other vaccines). Although vaccination is safe and effective, not everyone feels comfortable going that route and I am always happy to answer questions by the way.  For those who cannot receive the vaccine due to severe adverse reaction or who are severely immunocompromised there is an antibody option - Evusheld (have also been spelling that wrong!).

Safe and effective FDA authorized treatments exist for COVID-19. Regardless of vaccine status the FDA authorized treatments are safe and effective, but because they are in VERY short supply at this time there is strict guidance regarding who can receive them. There is no reason to seek out those unproven and often dangerous medications we’ve all heard about. I won’t even name them here. You can review the information on the NIH website for an update on antiviral options that have been considered. Right now, Molnupiravir and Paxlovid (antiviral pills for COVID-19) are currently available in our office (and other places). Sotrovimab (COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Infusion) is available within 10 days of symptom onset at Granville Health Systems via their Emergency Department when it is in stock. All 3 are well tolerated and effective to prevent severe disease and hospitalization from COVID-19. All three the have maintained effectiveness against Omicron. What I think is even more exciting is at this time the PREFERRED treatment is Paxlovid - a pill instead of an IV! Many have reported to me significant improvement in symptoms within 36-48 hours which is always exciting to hear about. If you’ve already seen your medical provider you don’t have to come to me as well, Molnupiravir and Paxlovid are both available at some local pharmacies by prescription.

Bonus Material:

Find Other COVID-19 Test Sites HERE (many are free!).

Reminder: a positive home/rapid test is considered positive. No need for further testing. Please follow CDC guidelines for isolation if positive and quarantine if negative and exposed.

If you made it all the way to the end, I hope this information was helpful!